Witching WavesWitching Waves are a UK trio. Guitar/ voice, bass and drums. It’s post-punk, but with the emphasis on the punk. Fast, furious, unvarnished, abrasive, belligerent, intelligent. Witching Waves released a new-this-month album “Persistance” and here’s the opening track “Disintegration” to scour your ears:

Witching Waves are Emma Wigham (drums, vocals), Mark Jaspers (guitar, vocals) and Estella Adeyeri (bass, vocals). Everything about this is very good indeed, and in particular the brutal guitar playing, alternating between blistering walls of fuzz-blasted chords and angular discordant stabs, and the fiercely locked-in bass/ drums.

The self-recorded album contains 10 tracks and the frantic pace and appealingly abrasive pneumatic noise doesn’t let up much. Yet each track manages to cast a different spell and there’s melody and chorus hooks aplenty too.  “Persistance” is a powerful, authentic, enduring and endearing album.