wurldseries2019Continuing on from yesterday’s stellar album by Christchurch’s Adam Hattaway And The Haunters, here’s another new – and closely related – release from the Melted Ice Cream stable from Wurld Series. It’s a new single “Nap Eyes”.

[Note: The single release this post originally linked to has been taken down, so this is the track on the “What’s Growing” album announced for release March 2021]

There’s a bunch of familiar names from yesterday’s post. Joining guitarist and vocalist Luke Towart is Adam Hattaway (lead guitar), Emma Hattaway (bass) and the ubiquitous Brian Feary (drums).

“Nap Gate” – which will feature on the second Wurld Series album later this year – is one of the best sounding Wurld Series tunes to date. It’s less lo-fi than some of the previous recordings but packs all the familiar ingredients. Hattaway’s lead guitar parts here are spectacular too, which should be no surprise if you listened to the song from his solo album featured in the previous PopLib post yesterday.

The B-Side is an out-take from the “Stately & Befrothed” sessions. Both songs on this single are typically glorious slices of the fuzzy guitar-driven pop we’ve come to expect from Wurld Series.  Roll on the release of “What’s Growing”.