Shannon WrightOne of the (many) things I love about Bandcamp is the unknowable depth and breadth of it’s network of obscure and sometimes essential (to me) recordings which are often discovered by chance. Sometimes it’s artists you’ve never heard of and other times its someone whose music you know but has stepped outside the mainstream music business circus. Representing the latter, here’s the title track from Shannon Wright‘s 2009 EP “Honeybee Girls”:

I first heard Shannon Wright in her band Crowsdell who released a double 7″ EP on the Durham, NC Jettison label back in the 1993 before releasing the album “Dreamette” on the Big Cat label in 1995. “Trunk” from that EP was subsquently re-recorded for the b-side of the “Sugar Coated” single in 1995. The song was, and still is, mesmerising and unfussy perfection. As indeed is “Honeybee Girls” which is different kind of mesmerising and unfussy perfection.

Wright’s most recent release is the 2017 album “Division” release on French label Vicious Circle Records. It continues the more experimental direction the closing tracks on the this 2009 EP hint at. Unorthodox, intense song worlds you have to engage with on their terms. Sometimes ‘difficult’ but always rewarding; art which sometimes tests and challenges but has substance.