FeatureFEATURE‘s album “Banishing Ritual” came out a year ago but was only picked up on PopLib’s radar last week. Here’s the opening track of buzz-saw punk, “Psalms”:

“Banishing Ritual” is a varied feast of fuzzy noise and a thrilling trip if you like your pop sharp, melodic, noisy and bristling with attitude.

“Psalms” – along with half the album, is in the kind of frenetic fuzzy melodic pop style of 80s Edinburgh (post)punks Shop Assistants, and half is a more sing-speak narrative in the style of 90s Brighton ‘Riot Grrrl’ band  Huggy Bear.  It’s a great combination of complementary song-writing styles adding up to a strong album worthy of your investigation.

There’s an LP version available from Upset the Rhythm.