HairbandHere’s another new song from that excellent charity fundraiser album “Glasgow Nights”, released as a fundraiser for anti-poverty charity Money Advice Scotland. Hairband are new on the Glasgow music scene and “Flying” is a delightful gravity-defying slice of loping melodic guitar pop.

“Flying” is built on a kind of rhythmic lead bass part which, in its own strange way, is vaguely reminiscent of the playing of Derek Forbes of Glasgow stadium rockers Simple Minds in their early 80s heyday.

Over top there’s a the gentle push and pull of guitar with a keyboard melody, all of which is also weirdly reminiscent of the feel of of another 80s Glasgow band – Orange Juice – during their later pop phase.

But everything on “Flying” is assembled in its own unique and loose DIY way, and topped with a swaying, lighter than air vocal musing on the (meta)physics of flight without the help of powered aircraft. It all adds up to perfect leftfield pop.

There’s rumours of a first release of their own on the way from Hairband. On the strength of “Flying” PopLib will be all over that when it appears.

[UPDATE: Glasgow record store Monorail Records release Hairband’s debut EP on 19 October 2018.]