BediquetteWhat better way to celebrate 50 years since the release of The Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album than by picturing yourself on a shopping trolley stuck in Dunedin’s Leith River, plastic bags of yellow and white wrapped around the handle. You look for the the guy with a laptop and headphones making psychedelic glitch pop, and he’s gone. It’s Bediquette on PopLib with “Fracture”:

It’s 2017 and Abbey Road studio is a state of mind multiplied by a microprocessor chip in a laptop running recording software, a microphone and an audio interface going in, and a pair of headphones coming out, connected to someone with their head in the clouds, like Bediquette here.

“Fracture” is the gorgeous, dreamy middle track from a new three-song EP called “Looking, Not Listening” by Dunedin bedroom glitch-beat sound sculptor Bediquette, formerly known as Govrmint, as featured on PopLib back in February 2015.

There’s a little bit of the woozy saturation of Boards of Canada, but with a heart of the kind of fractured heartbreak pop of the experimental extreme of Sparklehorse’s orbit. The vocals are processed with distortion as a kind of protective shield perhaps to cocoon an introverted singer but it somehow manages to create an odd kind of digital intimacy.

“Looking, Not Listening” is a wonderful collection of warm, inventive melodic glitch-beat futuristic psychedelia. It’s very reflective and personal, but also expansive and propulsive. An essential trip into the inner space of a suburban Dunedin imagination.

Anything else? Yes, please: