Womb 2016Day 24 of our 31 Days of May New Zealand Music Month marathon comes from Wellington’s WOMB and a 7 minute track called “Kissing in the Dark”

“Kissing in the Dark” starts with a throbbing drone. Not so much industrial as organic in nature, like some giant beating heart. A voice floats in at about 2 minutes and then more voices. Everything drifts along on a cloud of sound and voice… and keeps drifting along until the throbbing heartbeat stops and the choir of wordless voices continue over a bed of sound. Strange, mysterious and eerily beautiful.

WOMB started life in Wellington as Charlotte Forrester. Now WOMB is a band comprised of Charlotte Forrester, Haz Forrester and Georgette Brown. “Kissing in the Dark” dates from late 2016 is the most recent song to appear on WOMB’s Bandcamp, but new music must be on the way as late in February a video appeared with an new song “When the Night Breaks Up”.