OV Pain

Day 11 of the 31 Days of May New Zealand Music month madness comes – again – from Dunedin and the first album by Keyboard & drums duo OV Pain. Here’s “See Me Glow”

OV Pain combines the talents of Renee Barrance (Élan Vital) and Tim Player (Opposite Sex). Their music is a minimalist combination of synth/keyboard and drums along with their two different voices used in a variety of roles here, from duets to cross-talk, and conversations.

Opening song “See Me Glow” unexpectedly is an almost gentle distressed psychedelic pop gem with a hint of ancient monastic overtones. The music carries some of the spirit of Snapper along with The Doors when it goes a bit baroque in places.

Player’s vocals here are rendered more in the style of a subdued Ian Curtis singing in the shower rather than the often maniacal style of his Opposite Sex personna. Terrifying Tim does make a number of appearances elsewhere on the album (try “Cold as Ice”) although overall there’s much more gentle controlled singing than terrifying Tim on the album.

The combination of Player’s ominous bruised baritone and Renee Barrance’s light and airy (but sometimes just as menacing) voice is frequently magical throughout the album. On “Soon to Be” mid-way through the album the combination of everything comes together in a quite sublime and beautiful way.

This whole album is fantastic from it’s big echoing live recording to the delightfully off-kilter songs, which combine unlikely elements of Snapper, The Doors, The Slits, X-Ray Spex and even A Flock of Seagulls along with goodness knows what else.

If lo-fi psychedelic keyboard punk is a thing then this is that, although there’s so many different things going on here it’s unwilling to conform to any one genre for ease of classification.

As well as the cassette editions (through Vacant Valley in Australia and Zero Style in NZ) it will shortly have an LP release on the excellent new NZ label CocoMuse Releases.  I’ll be getting a copy.

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