These Early Mornings

Day 10 of the 31 days of May New Zealand Music Month marathon madness comes from Auckland outfit These Early Mornings and the gorgeously elliptical “Usually Waiting”.

The eponymous album is a lovely slice of wistful weirdness and rhythmically uplifting low-key stoned minimalist DIY recorded psychedelia. I loved it so much I tracked down one of a handful of lathe-cut 12″ copies of the album.

“Usually Waiting”, with it’s simple circular bass line under a single guitar chord and odd time signature captures the sleepy yet unconventional rhythmic and musical nature of the album. As noted on PopLib back in October 2016 –

“…the loopy, grainy minimalism of the songs and the time signatures …. makes this such a great collection of odd-pop. The closest thing to “Usually Waiting” and “Unco” for example is This Heat, and there’s a whiff of a folk Swell Maps to “Who Knows Nothing”.”

It’s well worth investing a moment of your time to listen to it and then download a copy.