The RothmansDay 8 of the 31 Days of May for NZ Music Month 2017 comes from Dunedin noise-makers The Rothmans. Here’s their borderline-terrifying “Holstenval”

The track is from their EP A.S.L.  They are also part of new Dunedin label  trace / untrace records so that means a cassette release is probably available (or will be sometime).

“Holstenval” has the kind of dark energy, crackling electricity and angular structure and pummeling delivery reminiscent of 90s post-rock from the likes of Slint and Polvo. So, if you like your guitar rock dark, brooding, noisy, then go explore The Rothman’s catalogue. And – on the strength of the following Radio 1 live to air vide – go see them play live if you get a chance.