Ben ChasnyThere’s a new Six Organs of Admittance album out called “Burning the Threshold” and “The Adoration Song” is a fine example of what the album contains.

The album has very little of the soaring electric guitar explorations found on earlier Six Organs of Admittance albums. Rest assured there is plenty of the kind of detailed, intricate, ornate, interwoven guitar pattern-work as we’ve come to expect from Ben Chasny, the modern-day master of hexadic psychedelic guitar music, just delivered almost exclusively on acoustic guitars this time.

As a result the album’s intimate psychedelia and gentle song-craft is accessible and the pastoral, meditational atmosphere achieves a kind of cosmic music for the mind and body. Even when the heavy guitars are brought out for the sole heavy-psych piece “Threshold of Light” the hypnotic groove is build upon acoustic guitars. It’s an album well worth seeking out.