ozeanStep into this time machine courtesy of Ozean and find yourself in 1991… but in the San Francisco Bay area of California rather than England.

These three songs by Californian band Ozean date from 1991, the same year Slowdive’s first album “Just For A Day” was released. This fascinating interview shows there was more than just a musical connection between the bands at the time.

The first two songs here feature basslines and drums which are classic Cocteau Twins while the guitar miasma is a perfect echo of the sound of early Slowdive.

Lisa Baer’s vocals are closer to Rachel Goswell’s ephemeral wonder in Slowdive than Liz Fraser’s distinctive and exotic vocals in The Cocteau Twins, yet the atmosphere created on these songs is a perfect distillation of the essence of both bands in their early prime. It’s all the more wonderful when you read that she comes from a non-rock background and is actually more influenced by Astrud Gilberto, which makes sense.

These three wonderful songs – long lost and forgotten about after a cassette release in 1993 – have been mastered from a cassette tape and that sonic patina from tape compression and drop-outs just adds to the character.

The Bandcamp release from Ozean is to raise the money for a vinyl release. Sounds like a worthwhile investment to me. It’s an interesting and very worthy side note to an era in music that didn’t last much longer that Ozean did.

[Note June 2017: now the vinyl has been released the embed up above is now to the label page for the EP and the song.]

[Thanks to The Autumn Roses for the tip-off]