Aramoana June 6 2016_cropped.jpgAt some stage in the New Year there may appear the usual lists of favourite PopLib songs and albums for the year just gone. It’s always ‘favourite’ rather than ‘best’ because the snapshots PopLib takes of the world of music is powered by happenstance of (mostly) Bandcamp discovery through various random, tangential means rather than an exhaustive survey of everything released through normal ‘music industry’ channels.

In the meantime here’s a reader-powered PopLib Top 10 selection. These are the Top Ten most-viewed posts featuring new music on PopLib in 2016. Happily, most of these songs would appear on a PopLib Top 10 ‘favourites’ list for 2016 too.

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma “Eat Shiitake Mushrooms”
  2. Seafog – “Raise Your Skinny Fist”
  3. Wurld Series – “Orkly Kid”
  4. Ego (Egoism) – “Crowd”
  5. Elan Vital – “Janina”
  6. Spinning Coin – “Albany”
  7. Egoism – “Reason”
  8. Young Hellions – “Fractures and Cacophony”
  9. Drahla – “Fictional Decision”
  10. Ela Orleans –“You Go Through Me”

The links above will take you through to the original PopLib post. Here is the Top 10 again in a playlist format of sorts…

Thanks to everyone who has read PopLib this year, and special thanks to all who have shared the posts. Extra special thanks to everyone who has bought a song/ album by an artist discovered via PopLib.