fanfickk“SF Rose” is a new single from Auckland electronic musician Fanfickk.

The song – a tribute to a lost friend – starts out as fairly conventional (in an absorbingly good kind of way) electronic pop, built on a rich, pulsing sub-bass riff rumble.

After establishing itself with solid melodic hooks, genre convention is given the flick after two and a half minutes with an atmospheric instrumental  diversion  merging synthesized  dream-pop with crunchy percussive textures and computer game sounds.

The second song on this new release – “Lie Down” – is also just as odd and satisfyingly unconventional in the way it sets its own style and avoids genre formula. It has a dark kind of slow melancholy sadness, a short and muted vocal passage, and then a nicely coruscating guitar solo to end.

There’s a four song EP called “Stay Shy” released back in February of this year which is also worth a moment of your attention if you like what you hear above. It combines darker industrial and experimental elements with pop hooks, so if you are an enthusiast of the likes of HTRK or Carter Tutti you should explore further.