scott-charlenes-wedding-2016“I need a distraction” sings Craig Dermody on this infectious single from hard-working Aussie ‘slackers’ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. I’d love to post a Bandcamp embed but it’s not streamable there or on Soundcloud, so you’ll just have to make do with this YouTube video and chase it down at the label links included below.

It’s the third single from their latest album “Mid-Thirties Single Scene”. Craig has that rare knack of picking the bones out of everyday observations from the viewpoint a somewhat dissatisfied participant in the game of life, assembling it into a rattling-good song somewhere between being hopeful (or maybe just desperate) for change and being resigned to be stuck forever in this space.

It’s delivered through his distinctive dead-pan talk-singing voice and the musical accompaniment of the ever-morphing Scott & Charlene’s Wedding line-up on this song is an A-grade Velvet Underground via Jonathon Richman & the Modern Lovers shuffle. If this sounds like your bag, get it while it’s hot from Fire Records (northern Hemisphere) or Bedroom Suck Records (Southern Hemisphere).