henikaHenika (Auckland musician and songwriter Henrieta Tornyai) released a self-titled EP last month. “The River” – the first song on the EP – is an excellent atmospheric recording of a dark twist on a murder ballad (possibly) told in the first person. Or not… Listen in and decide for yourself:

Stylistically this song, and much of the rest of the EP, fits approximately in a zone that fans of PJ Harvey, Feist and Lana Del Ray will enjoy, and it’s certainly as well-crafted as the music made by those artists.

When I heard the lines “I’ve been left for dead/ I’ve got a hole in my head/ Eyes open wide, see the water turning red” I was also reminded of The Triffids “Jerdacuttup Man” – another song of death (by the brilliant and tragic David McComb) told in the first person using similar direct and shocking words.