kandodo-mcbainSet the controls for the heart of the sun with “Holy Sike” from Kandodo McBain:

I bought a copy of a new album called “Lost Chants/ Last Chance” by Kandodo Mc Bain on impulse after hearing one track in Rough Trade’s east London store a few weeks ago during a trip to the UK.

That track turned out to be “Pelagic Blue Haze”, the last of the 5 tracks on the album. The guitar part reminded me of Robert Fripp’s playing on “Index of Metals” from the Fripp/ Eno collaboration “Evening Star” but over top of a heavy motorik stoner-metal backing.

It was an impulse buy, and I’m glad I took the chance on a band I’d never heard of before. The whole album is wonderful; the most intricate, detailed, hypnotic, fierce, heavy, mesmerising, sublime psychedelic instrumentals you can imagine.

Kandodo McBain are a fusion of UK heavy psych outfit The Heads and US psych guitarist John McBain (Monster Magnet).  Mostly recorded by Simon Price, Wayne Maskell, and Hugo Morgan in Bristol, UK and then more layers added by their US based guitarist John McBain. None of these bands were on my radar, so discovery of this album also opens a door to a rich psychedelic underground scene and back catalogue I’ll be checking out in the months ahead.

The LP plays at 45 or 33 rpm and the CD format comes as a double with one CD playing the 45 rpm version and the other playing the 33 rpm version. Both sound excellent, and the 33rpm CD enters into territory similar to the mighty Earth but with an enveloping kind of thickness and intricate detailed texture to it. Can’t get enough of this album – at either speed – right now.

I usually try to post a Bandcamp link so you can buy direct or a Soundcloud link so you can track the release down somewhere. There doesn’t seem to be anything like that for this album so your best bet may at Creepy Crawl or your local independent record store (if you are in the UK) or a reputable mail-order place such as Norman Records here.