GoddessGoddesses are a ‘shoegaze’ styled band from Derby in the UK who have just this week released what appears to be their first album. Here’s the lovely “Say Nothing” as an introduction to the weightless atmosphere of their ghostly sound world.

The album mines some of the same dreamlike territory as Slowdive’s fabulous Souvlaki album, all gentle washes of diaphanous sound and melody.

“Say Nothing” flows through a variety of moods across its almost 8 minutes, slowly building and threatening to unleash some kind of sonic fury at about the half way mark.

However, there’s also a bit of that teasing Sigur Ros style restraint here and instead of the expected noise, the song takes an unexpected but quite brilliant leap into a brief psychedelic electronica moment at about the six minute mark before drifting back to earth again.

Elsewhere the album blends in some more saturated noise washes so it’s well worth sticking around to listen to all of it and losing yourself in the swirling mists of this very well crafted music.