“Better” is the second track of a four song cassette EP released yesterday by London keyboard player Emma Winston under the name Deerful.

“Better” envelopes the senses with layers of blissful synth washes and hypnotic repetition  upon which the vocal melody plays out. It captures perfectly a mood of enigmatic melancholic rapture as spellbinding as the music of another favourite London band, Leaf Library (check their brilliant “Daylight Versions” album).

Judging by the notes accompanying the release it may be a song about recovery from depression using the power of imagination:  “I believed my life would be exactly as I made it/ I believed a future lay within my sight.” Although intended as personal reflection, it can’t help but make any listener’s day better.

It’s not entirely typical of Deerful though because the other songs here (and the first side of the beautiful WIAIWYA Single Club “Moon Maps”/ “Hush Me” single from Deerful a few months ago) are more in the style of the kind of perfect minimalist electronic pop miniatures that fans of early Magnetic Fields will appreciate and enjoy.