Steady Holiday Bandcamp“Under the Influence” is the title track of the first album by Steady Holiday. It’s an intoxicating introduction to the album and to the Los Angeles based artist – songwriter, vocalist and musician – behind the Steady Holiday name.

Steady Holiday is Dre Babinski and friends. The music of Steady Holiday is an alluring blend of almost film-noir exotica and smooth European pop. Fans of the likes of Death And Vanilla will feel at home in the album’s rich and dark atmospheric soundscape.

Dre’s voice has a restrained and natural gentle delivery and the understated affirmation of intriguing personal lyrics gives the song and the rest of the album an intimate feel. It’s a voice that sometimes reminds me of Charlotte Gainsbourg during this track and others on the album.

The voice is the perfect match for the music which is crammed with atmospheric dream-pop elements, sounding both modern and also from an indeterminate era in some half-imagined past which may  or may not have been real, a film, or a dream.

The album “Under the Influence” is out on 24 June. Were it not for the eye-watering huge cost of postage from the US, PopLib would be ordering a copy of the LP forthwith. While this would be lovely on vinyl a download purchase will have to suffice. For the time being…

Steady Holiday