Yesses 2016“Bamboozled (supercilious boy)” is the latest single from Dunedin music creation entity Yesses. It’s a huge leap ahead from Yesses’ impressive self-titled 2015 EP.

Even more exciting is the indication there’s an album from Yesses to be released on 17 June 2016. It was recorded in Hamburg, Germany and Yellowknife in the Canadian Arctic Circle, an unlikely combination of international circumstances explained by Yesses’ Jack Brosnahan here.

“Bamboozled” sounds wonderful and the mixing from regular co-conspirator De Stevens is spacier and more restrained than last year’s hyperactive EP sounds. It keeps the focus on the sun-dappled dreaminess of the song and gives it a kind of XTC-meets-Tame Impala hyper-psych-pop sheen. The album -called “Fixated” – promises much more of this.

Yellowknife Rock Art

Rock art in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada.