Mercy_ColoursSundays seem designed for Jazz. Particularly a Gloomy Sunday in winter. A recent PopLib turntable favourite has been the classic 1963 album Getz/ Gilberto by Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim and vocalist Astrud Gilberto.

Mercy is a contemporary duo from New York with a recent EP of beguiling atmospheric pop-via-jazz. “Love Dust” from the EP is perfect understated and seductive Sunday jazz for underground pop lovers.

Mercy is vocalist Mercy Weiss in collaboration with Christopher Pellnat. Her voice is warm, full of distinctive character, with tone and phrasing eerily reminiscent at times of other characterful and natural contralto voices in jazz – for example long-time favourites Astrud Gilberto and Billie Holiday.

“Love Dust” has a sleepy sway and a somewhat creepy undercurrent of latent menace, like a soundtrack song for a hallucinatory dream sequence in a surrealistic French film (thinking Amelie in particular).

Mercy EP