Avoid Avoid

Day 21 of NZ Music Month is Auckland minimal drone-rockers Avoid!Avoid with a song from their “Particle and Wave” album called “Drones” –

Avoid!Avoid combines 3 musicians with long and varied history in several NZ bands. There’s synthesizer player and vocalist Sonya Waters (formerly Fang and White Swan Black Swan among many others),  human drum-machine Brendan Moran (The Subliminals, The Hasselhoff Experiment) and guitarist Stephen Reay (The Subliminals).

“Drones” is the kind of perfect minimal noisy pulsating repetitive creature you’d dream of as a something emerging from the long-cold ashes of The Subliminals.

The song shifts and morphs melodic patterns and moods within its rigid frame, while the vocals – part paranoid clarion warning call, part euphoric ritualistic chant – add an extra dimension of human intrigue.