Humphreys & Keen

Day 16 of NZ Music Month is another lost classic from the recent past. And, given the weather forecast for this week ahead, it’s fittingly Humphreys & Keen with “The End Of The Golden Weather”

Graeme Humphreys & Peter Keen were the songwriting team at the heart of Flying Nun baroque popsters The Able Tasmans.

In 2006 they self-released one of the ‘lost’ classics of NZ music “The Overflow”. ‘The End of the Golden Weather’ is from the album, which also includes Able Tasmans’ members Jane Dodd (bass) and Craig Mason (drums).

Graeme Humphrey’s says of this track: “Nobody has equalled the guitar power of Bob Gilbert (Wire). Nothing new here then. I just wanted to create something powerful but delicate, and hopefully beautiful as well. There is a defeated aspect to this too. A little bow to Claude Debussy again. Pianists and music lovers will know what I mean when I cite Cathedral Angloutie (Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli’s version is very good!)”