Anthonie TonnonDay 14 of NZ Music Month brings us to the weekend, which is all parties and raves and whatnot. But, if you’re not inclined to partake in the extrovert freak-shows of Saturday night live music, you can always dance awkwardly at home by yourself to Anthonie Tonnon‘s “Mt Cargill” instead.

Mt. Cargill looks over Dunedin, a dark slab sentinel frequently blanketed with a river of flowing mist. It’s crowned by a huge television and radio transmitter tower.

But what if that tower was a navigation marker for the alien craft involved in the abduction claimed in the wonderfully intriguing tale in this song?

Is it a song about the harsh reality of failure and escape/ breakdown, or is it a song about the dream-like fantasy of alien abduction and miraculous success in a different world?

It’s bloody great is what it is. So is the rest of the “Successor” album and if you aren’t familiar with it already you should explore further immediately.