seth flag Day 12 of NZ Music Month continues the Sonorous Circle link from yesterday with the uneasy listening of Seth Frightening and “Don’t Send A Man” from the 2015 album “But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters”

As noted on PopLib a year ago Seth Frightening’s music is damaged ghoulish folk. Here the sparse sonic palette is busied with drums and bass as well as the trademark splatter of furtive, worrisome noises.

Seth Frightening plays a 91 Club presents show at the Crown Hotel in Dunedin this Friday 13th May along with another PopLib favourite i.e. crazy, who had this to say about her companion’s music:

“It’s a perfectly impossible marriage of folk and experimental; ranging from chaotic, crushing epics to jarringly sparse acoustic arrangements. I have little idea even now what makes this music as magical as it is.

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