Violet-ohs1Day 10 of NZ Music Month is “Big Leg” from Dunedin post-punk-post-rock band The Violet-Ohs.

“Big Leg” is a track on The Violet-Ohs album “Battlephant”, the title track of which PopLib featured back in November 2015 upon the album’s release.

As noted last November the album is an accomplished collection of intricate, restless guitar-driven post rock with a strong pop heart and some fine psychedelic guitar work.

“Battlephant” set something of a record for Dunedin band releases, having been recorded during October and November 2015 and released immediately it was mastered, on 12 November 2015. The Dunedin tradition these days seems to be to take forever to finish and then release anything, so hats off to The Violet-Ohs for living in the moment.