Day 9 of NZ Music Month is “Swanning” by Street Chant.

It’s an out-take left off the newly-released 2nd album “Hauora” by Auckland band Street Chant.

“Swanning” – which was written “about careerism in ‘indie-rock’, whatever that means” -is a great song and shows a different and maybe slightly more pop-rock side (?) of the band, without losing any of the infamous Street Chant sardonic delivery.

In style it evokes later period XTC songs like “Stupidly Happy” from the WaspStar (Apple Venus Vol. 2) album in the way it uses the fuzzy riff repetition to create a monstrous hypnotic platform for a song with adventurous side-trips into psychedelic sounds.

If there’s to be a 3rd Street Chant album – and let’s pray there will be, and that it will arrive sooner than the 6 years it took to add the 2nd – hopefully we’ll hear more like “Swanning.”