October_2016May is NZ Music Month here in NZInc, a small South Pacific archipelago perhaps better know these days as a tax haven for overseas people and companies to avoid tax obligations in their home countries. Perhaps “100% Pure Anonymity” could be our new national marketing phrase. Anyway…although we feature NZ Music year round here, May is an excuse to bring 31 consecutive days of NZ music.

So let’s start on day #1, 1 May 2016, with an absence of guitars and head straight into the future-proof epic dark electronic pop of October, and the menacing “Switchblade”:

October is Wellington based musician and producer Emma Logan. PopLib featured the fabulous debut “Voids” from October back in May 2015.

“Switchblade” is further evidence of not only the music creation production skills heard on “Voids” but also that remarkable and commanding voice.

it’s a denser, more frenetic and futuristic production, with dark lyrical undercurrents set in a soundscape of rumbling synths and the martial precision of the percussion. The way that soaring voice weaves through and above the ominous music is something else.

Grab the whole October “Switchblade” 5 song EP from iTunes.