Photo credit: Omar Kasrawi at April 13 2016 Bowery Ballroom NYC

Seratones are a band from Shreveport Louisiana and “Sun” is a track from their forthcoming album “Get Gone” out on Fat Possum Records in May.

Fronted by the charismatic guitarist and dynamic vocalist AJ Haynes, Seratones alternate between a kind of eclectic funk-blues-pop-soul Southern rock and the full-on turbo-charged psych-rock of this particular track.

What first grabbed my attention about “Sun” was that it packs an unexpected classic 1970s UK psychedelic Hard Rock sound, the multi-tracked guitars and thunderously shuffling drums coming across like a Pink Fairies track from their “Kings of Oblivion” album.

The other pre-release song “Chandelier” is a little closer to what you may expect from their Southern origins – exotic guitar-pop with a bit of southern funk – but still packs in a whole lot of unexpected melodic musical twists. This makes it – and Seratones – an uneasy fit into any particular genre pigeonhole and makes a nonsense of the banal comparisons they seem to get already with the much more traditional-styled Alabama Shakes.

Anyway, Seratones are well worth checking out on the strength of these songs. You can get a restrained hint of their live performance on this NPR “Tiny Desk Concert” radio live session video.

Sertones NPR Tiny Desk