Gabriella Cohen1Posted a fine song here back in December 2015 called “Yesterday” which preceded Gabriella Cohen‘s debut album “Full Closure and No Details” which is out now. There’s a limited LP so get in quick if you want to get a copy.

Hard to pick just one song to feature today, but “Feelin’ Fine” is the one which stands out at the moment.

Note – October 2016: the previous Bandcamp location for the album has been removed, presumably because the album now has a release through the Remote Control label, and you can find the album here now.

That restrained monotone verse vocal processed through a vocoder or pitch-shifter gives a strangely dislocated retro space-age dance-music  feel to what is at heart a classic Garage Rock song. The chorus releases the tension with bold melodies and epic soaring choir-of-angels backing vocals, like the Shangri-Las have been abducted by aliens.

Voices, and the character(s) they create in lead and backing vocals, are a distinctive feature throughout the album. Cohen’s voice can switch from an expressive wasted/sleepy drawl to clear falsetto within a song. There’s a perfectly out-of-this-time budget lushness in that 60’s ‘girl group’ vocal harmony sound, reverb guitar, and the noir-ish soundtrack atmosphere.

“Full Closure and No Details” is a unique treat of an album, sometimes eerily reminiscent of the spirit of the best work of Roland S. Howard in the way it sounds and the general air of decadence, damage and regret.