Terrible TruthsNo idea how I missed hearing Terrible Truths‘ wonderful self-titled album released late last year. Here’s “See Straight” from it.

This song – and the rest of the album – is excellent. Taut, brisk, angular post-punk, propelled by muscular bass and busy drums, with the guitar darting around spraying lead melodies and lashings of chorus effects and/or reverb around the place.

Their post-punk is generally played more straight rock than the brutalist neo-funk of the likes of Bush Tetras, Delta 5 and Mo-Dettes but there’s something of the angular rhythmic precision and spikiness of those bands in Terrible Truths’ sound and in the vocal interplay.

But forget the distant past, there’s also a more recent parallel in Australian music, with the phenomenal Bushwalking distant cousins to this sound (their album “No Enter” another release to check if you like what Terrible Truths have to offer).

Terrible Truths are now based in Melbourne, drawn there from South Australia mostly. Guitarist Rani Rose and bassist Stacey Wilson share vocals and  Joe is the drummer – originally from Brisbane, and, I’m guessing, possibly one of the people behind the phenomenal Bedroom Suck Records (recently relocated the Melbourne from suburban Brisbane) who released Terrible Truths’ debut on LP/ CD.

Here’s the video for “See Straight” –