Strange Harvest_Phoebe_McKenzie

Strange Harvest – photo by Phoebe MacKenzie

Forget the thin trebly sound of jangling guitars. The sound of Dunedin right now is sequenced arpeggiated electronic wave-forms and robotic beats and Strange Harvest’s suitably apocalyptic vision “The Last Supper” is here to collect your dead skin:

“The Last Supper” may be the best thing Strange Harvest have released. After the grainy dark-fi of last year’s “Pattern Recognition” it is wonderful to hear a crystal clear production, particularly on Skye Strange’s human-by-proxy voice.

Lyrically this is a typically enigmatic and bleak forensic word-picture of our everyday celebrity-consumerist dystopia, where toxic narcissists are feted as social deities and life emulates a badly-acted TV soap opera.

“The Last Supper” is from a new split digital single with Embedded Figures. The release also features a re-mix of each of the songs – Death And The Maiden provide a trippy dub re-mix of “The Last Supper” while the Kilo re-mix of Embedded Figure’s pulsing “Paradise Lost” re-engineers the song as a ‘club banger’ of epic proportions to meet the Andrew Weatherall “full-knacker panel-beaters-from-Prague-’ere-we-go techno” standard.

Strange Harvest Silver Seats by Ian Henderson