Abjects are a London-based trio playing primal ultra-fuzzy melodic garage rock. “Gone” jump-starts their 2015 EP also called “Gone”.

Garage-punk-psych-fuzz-rock… whatever this is called, Abjects are quality practitioners of a sub-genre that has been around for ages.

In “Gone” (the songs and the EP) they seamlessly combine some good old fashioned Punk Rock with some primitive but ultra-melodic Garage Rock and infuse it all with some heavy psych-fuzz through the wild feedback guitar solo. Timeless, fun and perfect.

As well as their 2015 “Gone” EP there is a new single “Double Bind” due out next month.

“Double Bind” was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jim Riley (long-time producer for Billy Childish) at his classic analog Ranscombe Studios and will be released via Greenway Records on March 10th 2016 both digitally and on limited edition 7” vinyl.

Here’s a video for “Double Bind”.