Mermaidens by Ezra Simons

Mermaidens – photo by Ezra Simons

Mermaidens’ new single “Under the Mountain II” is a prelude to their debut album, due out 15 March.

This Wellington “dark witch rock” trio – Gussy – guitar/ vocals, Lily – guitar/vocals and Abe – Drums – has created their own distinctively dark and watery sound-world over the past few years.

Like the sea, there’s the hypnotic repetition and ebb and flow of waves and tides of sound, and, lurking just below the surface, those dark weeds – or are they hands? – to drag you under and claim your soul.

The two reverb guitars have always been a reminder of surf music of sorts and fits the liquid realm the Mermaidens name evokes.

But the twisting guitar melodies and vocals seem equal parts 60’s psychedelia (thinking early Jefferson Airplane) and something more contemporary. PJ Harvey comes to mind in the vocals and lyrics but the guitars and  dark neo-folk/ devotional melodies woven in their music also bring to mind Ben Chasny’s Six Organs Of Admittance.

Keep your ears peeled for that debut next month.