Roy Irwin

“Demons Cave” is the opening track from Auckland musician Roy Irwin’s latest album “S.O.D.A”. The absence of a possessive apostrophe either before or after the “s” on the end of Demon is an issue here. Not so much for the grammatical crime, but more because I want to know if there is just one demon or multiple demons in this cave. Context is everything.

“S.O.D.A” (an acronym for “Some Other Dumb Asshole”) is the 4th album of bedroom-recorded DIY pop from Irwin but it’s the first available as both cassette and LP record from 1:12 Records.

“Demons Cave” (should it be “Demon’s Cave” or “Demons’ Cave” though!?) is breezy, burbling pop from guitars and keyboard built upon a motorik drum-machine and chugging bass line. It’s an enticing opening for the album which reveals many more such understated, introspective, minimalist pop jewels. Try “Metal Breath” for another taste of “S.O.D.A”.

Pretty sure 1:12 records does pretty modest LP runs so don’t sleep on this one if this is your thing.