Surf in the Rain

Auckland duo Surf Friends are back with a new and very limited edition cassette EP via UK label EDILS (plus digital). Appropriately enough the lead single is called “Holiday”.

In their Southern Hemisphere home, it’s a holiday time of year. For Northern Hemisphere residents summer sun holidays are months away and this kind of frantic cheerful buzz’n’jangle pop celebrating summer holidays may either be an infuriating reminder of that or a welcome escape from never-ending January darkness and dreariness.

Surf Friends – a drum machine plus loops and effects guitar and bass duo – have been around for a few years now, but a bit quiet over recent years. This song indicates they have kept true to their simple but effective core values (more fun! more guitars!! more drums!! faster!!! louder!!!! ARE WE ALL HAVING FUN!!!!!).

They’ve refined their craft sound-wise perhaps – this is a reverb-rich display of high speed shoegaze-styled fuzz-pop – and certainly beefed things up with a pulsating motorik drum machine beat to carry this tune forward. When I first heard it on the radio last week I thought it was a new Ghost Wave song. But it’s our old friends back again. Surf Friends.