Happy New Year! Thanks to the tens of thousands of readers of this blog from around the world for staying tuned in to PopLibNZ.

“Turning over rocks & sifting the sediments of underground pop music to help you find golden nuggets amongst the dirt” is the Mission Statement here.

So let’s “Go!” with the first tuneful sugar hiccup of 2016 from Dunedin’s hyper-melodic falsetto pop magicians, Males.

They released a single “Heavy Going” a few months ago which came with it’s own animated video.

Now they’ve paired it with their show-stopping set-closer “Go!” for a splendid taster for their first album proper, which they plan to self-release in 2016.

Males’ debut release was a mini-album, comprised of two EPs and a single combined, called “Run Run Run/MalesMalesMales”.  The LP version of this sold out within a few months of its late 2013 release. If you are in the US there may still be a few copies available. It’s still available on Limited Edition CD edition and as a download.

Here’s a live version of “Go!” recorded at Chick’s Hotel a few years back.