Gabriella Cohen

This “Yesterday” today is not the “Yesterday” of mawkish Beatles fame. It’s way better than that. Sounding like it has escaped from a damp concrete basement on a full moon it leads off an EP called “updated regurgitated sever” from Gabriella Cohen.

This is wonderful right from the grainy lo-fi grit and guitar solo intro. But when Cohen’s voice comes in you know this trip is different. The chorus & reverb vocals are reminiscent initially of a parallel-unviverse experimental Kate Bush then PJ Harvey as the song progresses. The solo voice is joined by a lo-fi choir and things go to the next level of perfect Gothic weird-pop goodness.

The rest of the EP is a mixture of off-kilter low-key 60’s ‘girl-group’ pop, folk and broke-down Country rendered in a darkly psychedelic fairground wash. Mostly guitar, voice, choirs of backing vocals and a truckload of plate reverb, all recorded in a simple, somewhat lo-fi but effective way.

Cohen fronts Brisbane’s garage-thrash’n’roll punks The Furrs – a kind of Velvet Underground meets The Cramps band and pretty damned fine as their recent releases show.

This EP demonstrates a different side of the same maverick character. It’s a bit weird and unsettling but also quite accessible.  I’ll be keeping an eye out for the album indicated for early 2016 release.