Spinning Coin_daguerrotypeSpinning Coin – who featured on PopLib recently after I had the good luck to see them play live at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow in September – released a cassette EP back in April. It is on the wonderfully named Glasgow cassette label Winning Sperm Party and “Late, Late, Late” from that release is a pretty great introduction to their ultra-melodic everything-at-once psych-pop jangle’n-shred.

There’s no indication it’s sold out yet so if you are inclined towards cassettes take the plunge with this over at the Winning Sperm Party website

For all their archaic charm cassettes are still the perfect low entry cost, scaleable production run analogue format for new bands, particularly with CDs or CD-Rs inexplicably becoming a less desirable way for people to acquire new music releases.

But good news for vinyl lovers is the prospect of some Spinning Coin releases coming up in 2015 on Geographic Music, a label distributed by Domino Records, which should give it a chance of being available far and wide.