Fazerdaze 2015 Fazerdaze (Auckland musician Amelia Murray, now with a band) provided one of last year’s highlights with that perfect eponymous “Fazerdaze EP” channeling perfect guitar pop combining a kind of sun-bleached pop with post-adolescence weariness and upbeat downbeat melancholy reflection.

Now there’s a new song – “Little Uneasy” – ahead of a promised debut album sometime.

“Little Uneasy” with the line “I’m still feeling my way” evokes that same restless, uncertain, unsettled transitional time where possibilities and limitations fight for ascendancy.

It beefs up the sound without losing the intimacy and space and dynamics of that first EP.  The instrumental passages here where the guitar picks out the melody remind me of “Before Hollywood” era Go-Betweens. Now there’s another band who could evoke an overwhelming feeling of time and place with some understated crafted guitar pop.