Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus

Another selection from the wonderful new album “beauty will save the world” by reclusive music collective Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus. This one is my favourite from the album – “Apres le Temps” (which translates as “after time”):

“Apres le Temps” is just the strummed chords of an over-driven hollow-bodied electric guitar played through a reverb amp, sparse bass chords, some swirling melodica playing a ghostly melody and the enigmatic vocals of Jess Main. It’s a moment of simple, perfect beauty, mystery and wonder.

I’ve been playing their 1987 debut “Gift of Tears” recently as well. It was re-issued this year on US label Feral Sounds Recordings through Third Eye Records.

This extract from the sleeve notes with “Gift of Tears” by Jason Morehead is a good summary of the band and their music: “Taking their name from Luis Bunuels’s ‘That Obscure Object of Desire’ the Army formed in Liverpool in 1985 to integrate film, imagery,and performance elements to create environments and experiences that confounded expectations and interrupted the mere consumption of music… It challenges and overwhelms as much as inspires; it can be uplifting but also ominous and foreboding…”

If I had to describe “beauty will save the world” in a sentence it would be “the music in your head when you wander through a graveyard at night while whisps of mist swirl around and an aurora flashes across the sky above” but I imagine everyone will have their own strange reactions to its unusually intoxicating charms.