Kolya snow

The road from the City of Dunedin to Port Chalmers follows the western shore of Otago Harbour. “City to Port” is a 20 minute car trip or a 4 minute 44 second head-trip while you listen to this:

Kolya is the work of Dunedin musician Nikolai Sim, one-time bassist for Scattered Brains of The Lovely Union, and now bassist for Gothronica trio Elan Vital. He describes the ambient-techno soundtrack of “City To Port” as an “old demo” while he works on new sounds, but it’s new to me and the rest of the world beyond Kolya.

The one-take live-mixed video with the song is from Lady Lazer Light (Erica Sklenars -creator of the fabulous 2 x one-take video for Death And The Maiden’s “Dear ___ “)