Triumphs are a Dunedin duo of Mat Anderson (drums) & John Bollen (guitar) and, as you will hear, this is an equation where the sum is much greater than the individual parts.

Instead of a simple 1 + 1 of drums plus guitar it is more like the formula for mass, multiplying density x volume. The power of The Riff is strong in Triumphs. They summarise this in simple terms for the lay person in their bandcamp page tags: heavy metal instrumental loud sludge stoner rock Dunedin.

“Beekeeper” gets especially interesting at about the 1 minute 30 mark where it evolves from the above ‘loud sludge stoner rock’ into something beautiful, intricate, and almost ‘prog-rock’ – like a slowed down Steve Howe 12-string guitar solo from a Yes album or something.

“Beekeeper” is the first single from a forthcoming LP “Beekeeper/Bastardknocker” on Dunedin’s premier noise rock label Monkey killer Records.

The Monkey Killer Records back catalogue is full of albums, singles and EPs of sonic quality which disturb the air and give your stylus and speakers and ears a decent work out. A particular favourite I recommend is the LP “III” from another apocalyptic Dunedin guitar/ drums two-piece, Operation Rolling Thunder.

Triumphs play a single release show for the next single from the album this coming Friday night at The Crown Hotel in Dunedin with Bad Sav and Evil Kid.