Golden Orange
Dunedin’s Gothic trance-pulsing post-punks Death And The Maiden have re-mixed a track from Graveyeard Love’s “Dissociate” EP. It’s dark, disorienting & epic:

Graveyard Love say: “The original track taken from the 2013 EP ‘Dissociate’ by Graveyard Love is a song intended to be a narrative of the destructive nights getting obliterated and getting beaten up. It’s visceral but ephemeral.

Death and the Maiden, a Dunedin based New Zealand band, have taken this narrative and focused on one aspect of the story – the ‘club’. In true spirit to this visceral experience, D & M have created a truly frenzied electronic dance hall remix. It peaks and blows out. It swirls and gives justice to those moments among the chaotic and messy nights.”

And it’s true. This has the kind of primal pulsing intensity you’d expect finding yourself waking up with memory loss, head spinning with sensations, in an E-d up warehouse rave in an unknown part of town. I’m there right now.

Here’s the original.