Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus is the name of a mysterious collection of Liverpool musicians with an obscure but revered catalogue of 3 albums released since 1987.

They have a new album coming out in September on UK label Occultation Recordings called “Beauty Will Save The World” of which this track is the first taste.

The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus name is apparently from a fictional terrorist group in Luis Bunuel’s That Obscure Object of Desire. The group keep a low profile and prefer their music to be discovered by people rather than promoted as such. This recent Greenbelt Music Festival write-up on them is about as much as I know.

I wasn’t familiar with RAOTIJ prior to hearing “Beauty Will Save The World” but reading reviews of previous albums indicates this continues the theme of ghostly “apocalyptic folk” mixed with more industrial electronic sounds.

If you are familiar with Dead Can Dance or Popul Vuh, this is in similar (but still quite distinctive and unique) territory. Spoken word samples and vocals are used sparingly but with haunting effect. It’s a dark, misty and compellingly beautiful album listened to in its entirety.