Here’s some extraordinary and ambitious psychedelic 4:20 Pop from Dunedin’s Yesses to brighten up this long Southern winter of discontent. It’s “Short Love” so, sit back, close your eyes & please hold on to the steel rail…

It’s the inventive production details here that intrigue with Yesses lush-on-a-budget sugar-frosted symphonic experimental pop. Pop with things that go zing – unexpected vocal and guitar excursions into the stratosphere are all part of the woozy trip. The Beach Boy harmonies in the chorus (?) of “Short Love” give way to nicely disturbed and manipulated guitar sounds.

Any fans of the early pre-excess-era Ariel Pink or Youth Lagoon or early Flaming Lips would be well-advised to give this your full attention. It’s the first track on a 5-song EP length release and it’s all most excellent & fun.

Yesses have an EP release show at Chick’s Hotel on Friday 24 July with Space Bats, Attack! and the Violet-Ohs.