Space Bats Attck by 10 second timer
Oh wow, a snowy Sunday afternoon in Dunedin just went astral… local progressive post-noise band Space Bats, Attack! finally released their debut album. There have been a few Space Bats, Attack! tunes featured on PopLib over the years but the album exceeds what were pretty high expectations. Just take a listen to “Cave” here:

Space Bats, Attack! feature the collective skills (& genius) of guitarist (and ace effect pedal maker) Lee Nicolson, guitarist Richard Ley-Hamilton (Males), drummer Josh Nicholls (A Distant City, Violet-Ohs) and bassist Sam Hood (T54).

Like their namesakes these 4 seem to communicate by echolocation using a combination of ultra-high AND ultra-low frequency sounds to navigate their way through the labyrinthine structures of their songworlds, in which they lure and trap their listener prey, stunning it with a ferocious sonic assault.

If you like epic far-out futuristic space-themed post-surf-rock guitar noise sounds (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then this Space Bats, Attack! album is for you.