The Transcendents

“Ed Ruscha” is from 10″ EP of dark & grainy spoken word plus post-punk goodness from Christchurch-based entity The Transcendents.

Ruscha (pronounced roo-shay FYI) is a US artist & this track (and cool video below) references the artist’s ‘Gas Station’/ ‘Burning gas Station’ works from the 1960s.

Hard to describe the sound here, but here goes… There’s elements of a weird kind of glitchy experimental soundscape combining alt-country, experimental music, twangy film-noire guitar, sand-blasted vocals and spoken word sampling. Oh & a cover (re-assembly?) of a Will Oldham song “A Sucker’s Evening” too.

If you need a music geography reference point, the music on “Lay Where You Collapse” sits somewhere between Ry Cooder’s atmospheric “Paris, Texas” soundtrack and UK post-punk song disassembly masters This Heat. These dislocated and fascinating anti-songs have an unsettling air. It’s easy to listen to but it’s the opposite of easy listening.

“Lay Where You Collapse” is available as a free download, or – the real treasure here – a very limited edition 10″ vinyl dub-plate lathe cut. Unlike acetate lathe cuts, these vinyl cuts, made done one-at-a-time in real time, are top quality for sound and durability.