Futures Bright
Close your eyes and “Pre-loved” could be a lost track by The Smiths, or maybe The Associates or even Kitchen’s of Distinction… so who are The Future’s Bright and why haven’t we heard of them before?

The Future’s Bright are from Auckland. Their Facebook page indicates occasional flickers of life and an indication earlier this year they were recording their debut album. Of immediate note though is that this song sounds great. It thunders along with giddy abandon, all snaking guitar lines and bouncing bass.

If those snaking guitar runs sound familiar it’s because their guitarist is Fergus Taylor. You may recognise his name (and distinctive playing) from that wondrous debut album from Opposite Sex (and also on “Supermarket” on the Dunedin compilation album TEMPORARY – Selections From Dunedin’s pop Underground 2011 – 2014)

More significantly though, The Future’s Bright possess an idiosyncratic (in a good way – a very good way) vocalist who channels some of the mannerisms and personality of Morrissey or MacKenzie.

Blair Wright is the vocalist. He also writes arch lyrics to match those mannered velvety tones:
“We would pass flippant quips, till you got bored and almost serious
Sod the entree and the mains, melt into your just deserts”

And then, a bit later on:
“Hang onto your hair, you’ll look so much better off I swear
Head shoulders knees and toes, everything goes, oh everything goes”

So yes, on the strength of this song, the future is indeed bright for The Future’s Bright.